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Default Re: Captain America Easter Eggs Thread *Spoilers*

Great pick is one, i dont know, since i have only seen it once...but.

When Cap is storming the facility to save Bucky, right before we see Zola in his office throwing papers in his his suitcase...i thought maybe i saw a glimpse of one of those papers being a prototype design of the eventual robotic body he will come to know and love int he comics. Im NOT SURE on it, just something i THOUGHT i saw. Someone could correct me.

Also got to love to see where Tony got all his swag from. Howards entrance at the Stark Expo is basically a regular man's version of Tony's entrance at the beginning of IM2, girls and all.

Gotta love as well the plummet to "death" for Bucky, a bit of a twist on his usual comic book death, even better it being down to the icey waters/moutains...something that hopefully can lead to Winter Solider, i say hopefully, not just cause of the great character Winter Solider is...but damnit if Sebastian Stan didn't do a HELL of a job portraying the character.

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