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Default So what DIDN'T we like?

Overall, I liked it and recommend it. But yeah, I got a few nitpicks.

Too derivitive?
I know it's the nature of the comic book origin movie, but for the first time I felt like maybe I'd see enough superhero movies. I'd seen a lot of these beats before.

-Weak guy gets strong (Spider-Man, Hulk)
-Gains power in experiment gone wrong (Spider-Man, Hulk)
- Kindly mentor dies (Iron Man, Spider-Man)
-Action set peice avenging mentors' death (Spider-Man, Iron Man)
-Intial crappy costume (Spider-Man, Iron Man)
-Originally using powers for wrong reason (Spider-Man)
-Hero wakes up in a different world and starts kicking ass (Thor)
-Hero doesn't get girl at the end (Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor)

I also thought it was a bit contrived how he became the Army recruitment mascot. Here the goverment just spent untold millions on this super soilder serum, it actually works, people are willing to kill and die for it and then they just dismiss the guy? Why wouldn't they at least send him into battle? You paid for him, you might as well use him. And it would make a lot more sense for the army to hire an actor for these recruitment drives rather than cast this secret government test project, no?

And at times, I thought the backgrounds were a little too fakey. I never thought I was looking at the 1940's but a greenscreen of the 1940's. I think more practical sets, with a real weight and feel to them would have given the Times Square ending even more impact. I'm sure they used plently of real sets but there were times I couldn't help but picture the actors in front of a green screen on a sound stage.

Overall though, great job. Make Mine Marvel. What say you?

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