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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

I am completely and utterly surprised that the scene in Times Square with Fury didn't go like this:

You can stop running soldier...We're on the same team.

Rogers staggers to a stop and looks around at the 21st century world for the first time, amazing...confused.

Where am I?

More apt is "when" are you? You've been asleep a long time, Cap.

Rogers looks around, his eyes begin to well up as the reality of the situation sets in.

Did we-- Did we win?

Fury smiles.

Yeah, kid. You did good. You did real good.

Rogers appears overwhelmingly relieved.

How long has it been?

About seventy years.

Rogers turns away, breaking eye contact with Fury.

FURY (Cont'd)
Something wrong?

I just-- I had a date...

Fade to black.

I understand that they set up the romance with Peggy and the "dance partner" "we had a date" pay off the whole film....but his FIRST and FOREMOST concern upon waking up should have been the war. That's WHO Steve Rogers is. They could have done it and STILL had the pay off of the relationship with Peggy.


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