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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

-Didn't like Hugo Weaving's German accent. I wish he had used his Agent Smith voice, it was far more sinister. Zola's German accent wasn't great either, but better than the Skulls.

-Felt the Nazi aspect of Skull was too de-emphasized. I couldn't buy Hitler allowing Schmidt to build up pretty much a rival organization, with weapons of such power. It also didn't make sense that Schmidt wasn't giving Hitler at least some of the weapons, if for no other reason to keep him in Hitler's good graces and out of his hair. Didn't like how they replaced the Nazi symbol with the Hydra symbol throughout the movie, even on the little flags used to represent the Hydra bases.

-Thought the Hydra uniforms and tech were way too advanced. I also thought Cap's final uniform was too advanced. I preferred the uniform he had on during the tours, with some streamlining or touch ups, as the one he should've used.

-No mention of Isaiah Bradley. I really didn't expect it, but would've been pleasantly surprised if some type of mention had been thrown in there.

-Didn't realize that the film was supposed to take place over several years until I read that on the internet. I think they could've done a better job with that. Like just showing years passing by during that montage when Cap is kicking ass.

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