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Default Re: Captain America Easter Eggs Thread *Spoilers*

Originally Posted by CaptainStacy View Post
It wasnt so much an easter Egg, but hearing Dum Dum shout "Wa-HOOO!" was right out of the old Sgt Fury comic.

It really made this aging fanboy's day.

saw it with my mom on sunday
she recognized the Howlers immediatly , while i was all like Oo . . .

when they do a CA sequel i hope they include a good third of the howling commandos cus i think the new kids are interested in seeing more of them
. granted those of us who avoid spoilers had our jaw drop when they showed up .

all i no i i want a Redskull car , because it was Epic awesome (do we have a make on it yet ??)

not a egg but
the part where Skull basicly says B***CH YOU AINT 5h!t to him had me rolling

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