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Default Re: Captain America vs. The Human Torch - Which Chris Evans Performance Do You Prefer

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
The fact that Chris Evans has the skills to effectively portray two characters from the MARVEL Universe that are like Polar Contrasts to each other really says a lot about his acting skills.

I mean, I would have never thought back in the day, that Chris Evans could play Steve so well due to how well he played Johnny Storm. Now, I can't imagine anyone playing Steve rogers other than him.
Exactly. If you look at him as Johnny Storm now, and think to yourself the same guy is playing Steve Rogers, you can't believe it or see it. But then when you actually watch him as Rogers, you absolutely believe it and you forget he is Johnny Storm.

Originally Posted by socool View Post
If this was directed at me, I don't come here just to bad mouth the movie, I come here to discuss any new and relevant news. The new and relevant news just so happened to be ****.
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