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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
I have many(many) gripes with the film but the only one that kept me up at night was the inability to find cap at the crash site of a giant wing the size of a base ball park.
You mean, Howard Stark's inability (/ the inability of the people back in that time period)? I thought the implication was that while Howard was somehow able to find the Cosmic Cube in the middle of the Arctic Ocean (...really? They couldn't even find the final resting place of the Titanic until like the mid 80s), that they couldn't find the crash site of the Giant Flying Wing at all, let alone Cap's body. The scene with Howard seemed to imply that they thought the plane also went down in the ocean, like the Cube.

The tour stuff came by way of a business guy I think.
I think that was a US senator who arranged all that.

Not a nitpick, but a question -- are we crazy, or did they never actually mention the names of any of the Howlin' Commandos?

Also a question, or a point of confusion...

Okay, when Schmidt first enters the Norwegian church where the Cosmic Cube is hidden, and retrieves the dummy Cube, it looks a LOT like the one that Fury showed to Selvig in the post-credits of THOR. Then, when Schmidt gets the real one, even when he isn't touching it directly (he's holding the wooden box and just opening the lid), it's glowing intensely blue. It continues to glow intensely blue for the rest of the film. I thought it still had at least a bit of blue glow in the scene where Howard's robot retrieves it from the ocean floor (I'm assuming that's how they were able to find the thing at all, that they followed some kind of weird energy signature).

The implication seems to be that the real Cosmic Cube is always glowing, whether someone is touching it or not.

So why does it look inert in the briefcase in the scene with Fury?

(Perhaps we'll get an explanation later; I'm just wondering if anyone has any theories.)

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