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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

I have a few .....

- I thought some of the green screen work was really tacky. It's the difference between a $140million budget and a $200million budget. So I guess they just had to make due.

- The rescue of the Howling Commandos was weak. Don't get me wrong, there were a couple of funny moments. I LULZ'd when Morita responded to Dum Dum "I'm from Fresno" and when Morita asks the french guy if he knows how to use the gun. I just thought Cap too easily tip-toed his way into the facility. I did however like the scene within it when he met The Red Skull for the first time. That was my favorite exchange between the two of them.

- The missions montage watered down the action.

- You never got to see Cap's full abilities in this movie, partricularly his acrobatic ones. I mean we're talking about a guy who's supposed to be better than the best Olympic gymnast.

- Evans performed better than I expected, but I still stand by my comments that there was still not enough range there. I started getting bored with him and no it has nothing to do with "how Captain America is". I thought he played Skinny Steve better than he played Cap. I mean in the beginning Steve was the guy getting feisty with Bucky because other men are putting their lives on the line, so he should be too. I never really saw that again for the rest of the movie. I can't tell if it was because the script didn't call for it or Evans was trying too hard too hard to be straight laced.

- The scene with Bucky rescuing Steve in the alley was pure cheese.

- The Howling Commandos were wasted in this. I thought it really odd how Cap recommended them to Col. Chester even though at that stage he barely knew them.

- I liked the Cap/Skull fight, but I felt it could've been done even better. They just looked like two boxers going at each other when it's supposed to be two nearly super-powered humans.

- The scene with Bucky falling off the train should've been held longer for more dramatic effect. It felt like it was on fast forward to me.

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