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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

@ rock and sganna

I still don't.

The Titanic went down in the first decade of that century, moreover no one was really watching it and it almost literally went straight into the water.

Everyone knew where the wing launched from, they new where it was heading and they knew it's exact path. Given it's speed and the time of Steve's last transmission I'm sure even a grade 6 math student could tell you where it went down. They were so on top of the situation that (if I remember correctly) the Atwell character is prepared to give Steve coordinates on where to touch down. I sorry but I'm having a hard time believing the tech (even in the marvel verse) had advanced so little in the 30 years post 1912 that they couldn't have pulled a better(more urgent) search and rescue op than what they hare trying to pass off in said film.

And when exactly would they have been able to find it? I mean sputnik was launched in the 50's right. Was Stark jut too busy inventing a new element to care anymore.

They can track the cube, one switch of the script and they would be able to track he ship energy signature by the very same means...unless it wasn't convenient to the plot.

Moreover, the post credit commercial/scene in Thor spoke about shield wanting to tap the power source of the cube? huh? Fury can't have possibly meant the same thing Zola and co. accomplished 70 years prior. I won't believe it...again, stark and his obsession with that damn element lol.

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