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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

Originally Posted by gridlockd View Post
And not to belabor my point but the Howling Commandos kinda reminded me of the Warrior's Three in Thor. His rowdy, hard-drinking brothers-in-arms. Except in this case, I think they wanted to show how Cap gets along with his friends from other countries to help win over the tricky international markets.
Actully the Howling Commandos was comic accurate Jacques Dernier (the French guy) and the Jim Morita (Asian American) guy were the only two who were not Howling Commandos in the comics although both characters did make appearances in the comics.

Jacques Dernier was a French resistance fighter who teamed up and helped out the Howling Commandos in the comics, Jim Morita was in a different squadron who got captured and rescued by the Howling Commandos.

For some reason they had Howling Commando Percy Pinkleton the first Union Jacks name James Montgomery Falsworth even though the character looks and acts like Pinkleton

Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
How long was Steve Rogers active as Captain America? It seems rather brief in the movie.
I think it was Kevin Feige who said Rogers was Captain America for atleast 3 years.

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