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Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Everyone knew where the wing launched from, they new where it was heading and they knew it's exact path. Given it's speed and the time of Steve's last transmission I'm sure even a grade 6 math student could tell you where it went down.
I know that seems like what logic says should be true, but we have plenty of examples of real-world plane-crashes in remote areas where all kinds of things are known (flight path, time of last transmission, etc.), where the crash sites and wreckage aren't found for years, if ever. So it SEEMS like a simple matter to plot the path and get a search area and do a grid... but it's not actually that simple.

Plus, one of the biggest factors in making planes difficult to find after a crash is that they often diverge from their intended flight path at some point after their last transmission. I'm not sure there's any reason to suppose that the Giant Wing was still following its flight path. That increases the square mileage of the search area astronomically.

I'm not sure what your further comment about "playtechtonics" means? A huge amount of the Arctic is just ice covering ocean, and yes, the size of storms in the Arctic and the way they can transform the landscape is colossal. The landscape also isn't smooth surface, either. Even if it only takes them a few days to get to what they think is the vicinity of the crash site, it would be completely covered and unrecognizable from the air. And it may be that they wasted weeks or longer, by assuming that the Cube would be with the plane, and thus they followed the signature of the Cube. By the time Howard recovered the Cube and concluded the plane wasn't with it, that's that much more time passed for signs of the actual crash site to be obliterated by the Arctic weather.

Now... I do agree with you that it's a bit weird that everybody clearly had a broad notion of where the Wing and Cap went down... and over all the subsequent decades and advancements in technology, they didn't KEEP looking. I'd be really interested to know why Howard Stark eventually gave up, when he appeared pretty determined to find it, and the Starks seem like stubborn guys.

Moreover, the post credit commercial/scene in Thor spoke about shield wanting to tap the power source of the cube? huh? Fury can't have possibly meant the same thing Zola and co. accomplished 70 years prior. I won't believe it...again, stark and his obsession with that damn element lol.
Well, this is sort of one of my questions above, too. I don't get this at all. Throughout the Cap movie, the Cube is glowing. (I believe including when Stark picks it up off the ocean bottom.) In Fury's briefcase, it's inert. Why? I don't get it. Everything shown to us in the Cap film seems to imply that it should never NOT be glowing.

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