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Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
But as you read my issue is with their ability to find him. The slab works way better than the titanic sized ship. Let's put it this way, if the Titanic was an treat to the country launched with the worlds great hero on it crashed within 30secs while never breaking radio contact. Crashed on a surface that wasn't littered with buildings and jungles but just slabs of white ice mind you. I would be having just a hard a time believe it.
"Just slabs of white ice"? That's the problem. The surface of the Arctic is a maze of jumbled white slabs and crevasses. There are no landmarks. With enough snow/ice cover, the very shapes of the Wing and its crash furrow would look just like every other bit of rutched-up and crevassed ice for miles around.

I kind of agree that if the Titanic hadn't sunk and had instead become ice-locked near the surface, I'd never believe that they couldn't have found it. That thing was as tall as a skyscraper. The Giant Wing, on the other hand, was relatively flat. And I'd argue that it's boomerang shape, with its wing-tips, would have contributed to it looking like another upended ice floe once it got snowed on and iced-over.

Now if you tell me that they are to this day looking for an individual body from the original crew of the titanic I'd have a lot better time going to sleep at night(all jokes aside of course).
Well, I think there ARE still a lot of people from the Titanic who are unaccounted for (I don't know for sure if they found any bodies on the actual ship, locked in rooms or something). But it's not a good analogy with this, because the sinking and the water itself would have separated the bodies from the ship wreckage, and... it's the ocean. To be indelicate about it, they got eaten.

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