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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Playtechtonics, even in the arctic don't move that fast. Icebergs are another thing but they are mostly surface level, I just find that concept typical comic book all powerful "vita rays" I'm just not buying it with this particular situation. As for the weather, maybe they could have shown and not (have fans tell us in message boards) told us cause in seemed like the weather was fine where that location was concerned.

The cube thing could have thrown them off I suppose.

I just prefer the way it's been done in comics to be honest. Cap in a slab always seemed harder to find(and all together more tragic) than him riding coach.

It may still be that way. They found the Shield in the plane but if the plain was broken apart he could have been nearby but in a block of ice.

I like the idea of TIH cut scene being cannon and that is the reason that it was found. Hulk jarred the glacier section loose and then the Russians spotted it later.

I hope thats how it goes anyway.

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