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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

Originally Posted by sgaana View Post
"Just slabs of white ice"? That's the problem. The surface of the Arctic is a maze of jumbled white slabs and crevasses. There are no landmarks. With enough snow/ice cover, the very shapes of the Wing and its crash furrow would look just like every other bit of rutched-up and crevassed ice for miles around.
I guess that's circumstantial. I think it's easier to find such a thing in a desert than say an amazon jungle by way of Colorado mountains like most of those 90's movies used to do. That's why I say slabs of ice. Again maybe if it landed deep in the ice, but the direction of the film would imply something very different.

Well, I think there ARE still a lot of people from the Titanic who are unaccounted for (I don't know for sure if they found any bodies on the actual ship, locked in rooms or something). But it's not a good analogy with this, because the sinking and the water itself would have separated the bodies from the ship wreckage, and... it's the ocean. To be indelicate about it, they got eaten.
Yes, it's actually the ship finding that's bothering me to be accurate, Cap being in the most significant portion of it doesn't help. If it was just his drifting body that'd be swell.

I also see where you are coming from with real world situation and flight plan divergence. Though all we know of the divergence is that cap pointed the plane down. Here's the thing. If Osama Bin himself took off on a giant wing whilst battling Obama himself and we all know where it launched from. The wing crashes about 1minute later just after Obama now victorious says good bye. The inability to find it just strikes me as a contrivice. Even if it happened 70 years ago and you replace the key players with Hitler and Roosevelt. Lost planes scenarios just seem to make more sense when it's low key players and late search party deployment. Not when bombers carrying multiple atomic weapons go down near homeland.

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