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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

Originally Posted by WildcatNC View Post
It may still be that way. They found the Shield in the plane but if the plain was broken apart he could have been nearby but in a block of ice.

I like the idea of TIH cut scene being cannon and that is the reason that it was found. Hulk jarred the glacier section loose and then the Russians spotted it later.

I hope thats how it goes anyway.
That's an interesting conclusion.

though I doubt it's in continuity by way of being cut, but that doesn't account for the ship not being found.

I do suppose that would mean that the cap movie is takes place most recently as far as continuity is concerned.

A movie about a man learning to be Superman will finally get the GA invested in the premise, while at the same time piss off people that want what they want. If only the latter group showed up for the last movie.
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