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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

Originally Posted by gridlockd View Post
I pretty much agree. Obviously the filmmakers saw it as a possible plothole too. If it made logic sense to everyone, there would have been no need for the up-front explanation.

Maybe if it were falsely concluded by Stark and the government, that the ship exploded on impact and Cap was dead, I would have bought it better. As it stands, Howard Stark doesn't strike me as the type to give up. If he can make a car fly (kinda) he could have probably tracked down that giant ship in the ice.
I found it perfectly plausible. He crash landed in an area that was probably hundreds of miles of pure ice. His ship was covered inside the ice for most of the time until a freak coincidence lead to him getting uncovered. Trying to find it would literally be like looking for a needle in a haystack. The plane was emitting no energy signature (like the cube was) so you literally had to just blindly search.

The only problems I had was Bucky's death. It just didn't have much of an emotional impact. I think Bucky and Steve's relationship should have been built on more, so when he finally did die, it was a huge shock to the audience. I expected Bucky to get saved by Steve a few times, just to get the audience in that comfortable mindset of "oh, he's the hero's friend that always gets saved but never dies." Only to hit you with a whammy closer to the end of the film.

I also thought Steve and Peggy's relationship could have been explored more as well.


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