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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

There are some things already posted I agree with:

1 - The missions montage rushed over the action too much when I was hoping for a big action set-piece (the mountain base was a perfect opportunity but even that one was rushed too).

2 - Red Skull & Hydra vs the Nazis - just not enough explanation there to show how or why they were or weren't working together. And I agree there should've been more Nazis in the movie.

3 - Didn't see enough of Cap's full range of abilities. We mostly just saw him taking out bad guys swiftly (mostly by punching them and using the shield) but not really much else. The jump across the fallen walkway (right after the first meeting with Red Skull) for example - the editing by not showing his full jump across was instantly annoying. I was expecting to see Cap have at least some Spider-Man style moves (in terms of agility and movement style) but nada.

4 - One thing I haven't seen mentioned in any threads so far: the Asian and black characters totally took me out of the WW2 timeline. What was the point of adding them when Asians and blacks were both highly segregated during WW2? There was just no believability there at all for me. I can't believe that someone working on the movie, let alone the director, intentionally put those characters in there, it was just completely jarring. For a modern-era timeline, sure, why not. But for a WW2-era movie, it just stuck out like a sore thumb and ruined the believability and verisimilitude. I'd seriously like to know what the filmmakers were thinking.

5 - Oh yeah and the ending was way too abrupt too. Cap's line and then bam, black screen, cue victorious music. There needed to be something more to add either impact or emotion.

Originally Posted by Rowsdower! View Post
I was really hoping that one of the Hydra agents would get his head blown off and the sprout two more in its place.
I agree with this, that would've been funny & awesome as hell.

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
The only problems I had was Bucky's death. It just didn't have much of an emotional impact. I think Bucky and Steve's relationship should have been built on more, so when he finally did die, it was a huge shock to the audience. I expected Bucky to get saved by Steve a few times, just to get the audience in that comfortable mindset of "oh, he's the hero's friend that always gets saved but never dies." Only to hit you with a whammy closer to the end of the film.

I also thought Steve and Peggy's relationship could have been explored more as well.
Definitely agree with the Bucky and Peggy relationships too. They were good as-is but could've been fleshed out more.

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