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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

Originally Posted by Iron_Stark View Post
Again, it wasn't Hydra tech. Remember Howard was limited by the technology of his time as he put it in Iron Man 2.
As limited as the (US) tech was, it was advanced enough to create a super soldier in that day and age, refine and mold the strongest metal probably ever conceived in fiction, develop prototype hover cars...etc Stark and co, had a lot of advanced tech in their deck and more importantly, the means to create more wonderful things to help them do(and find) other wonderful things.

Not really, not when it took multiple atempts to look for Titanic even through the 40s. And Titanic was about 3 times the size of the ship Cap went down in. And people knew the spot where it sunk.
If the Titanic was carrying nukes and terrorists, launched from a then allied occupied base and was brought down en route to the largest city in the free world within minutes and without radio silence, I have a feeling the greatest American Scientists of the day would be able to find it within a few hours. More importantly they would have the urgency too. And even if they couldn't, that much should inform how different the situation in fact was. The 1912 ship went down silent in the night with only flares and the hope that some boats would reach it long after it was in the black water. Survivors were saved and then I'm sure they got around to actually going down for the ship whenever they developed the tech to do so(I'm assuming not the next day). The world of CA had subs that would put batman and robin to shame. Why not send the hydrofoils? Helicopters were around in the 40's, I'd even say the marvel verse had them in abundance) Did peggy just assume it was pointless?

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
How? They obviously couldn't track Skull's technology easily, or else they would have found all his bases and attacked him much sooner. Steve obviously wasn't tech savvy enough to set up some kind of tracking system, and he didn't have much time.
Actually all a level headed Steve would have needed was a two way radio, just about any soldier even one with half the intelligence cap is supposed to have would only be so lucky...a one way radio even, though a passionate goodbye did seem more urgent I suppose.

Never said they could track skulls tech or his bases, but a ship, they were in radio contact with right up until and after it's crash is hardly a hidden hydra base.

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