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Default Re: Captain America vs. The Human Torch - Which Chris Evans Performance Do You Prefer


Maybe it's because the character itself and the fact that I can totally buy large groups of men following him into war and giving their lives, or maybe it's because everything that came out of Evans' mouth felt completely genuine and real. He was so likable and I can relate to him so much when he was the little guy who may have always lost the fight physically but never lost the fight mentally, because he never gave up. Then he became so admirable and inspiring as Captain America, finally having the physical attributes to match the heart that he had. None of this would shine through if Evans didn't shine. He was one of the few good things about the fantastic four movies, but he owns this. I feel vindicated too, because I kept telling my friends he can do it. I kept saying watch Sunshine, watch Street Kings. There's more to him than the smart mouth punk. He proved me right and more.

1. Interstellar
2. Gone Girl
3. Selma
4. Birdman
5. Whiplash
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