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Default Re: The Official Captain America: The First Avenger Review Thread! - Part 1

Originally Posted by D4rkShaDoWz View Post
After thinking about it, I'm starting to like the ending more and more. It's definitely not a traditional ending and it ends on a somber note, hinting at what's to come for Steve in the Avengers.

The way he says "I had a date." is just so powerful, in my opinion
There are some movies that naturally ought to end in a somber way, and Captain America is one of those. Spider-Man also ended sadly, with Norman Osborn dead, Harry vowing revenge and Peter rejecting Mary Jane's declaration of love because he feared for her safety. That worked, just as Cap's tragic loss did in his cinematic outing.

Even though I have known since I first read an Avengers comic book at the age of 5 how Cap's WWII sojourn ended, the ending of the movie still hit me like a kick in the gut. I suppose that's because it's one thing to read the character's musings about his fate in a comic book and another to see the whole story played out on screen. It had so much more emotional heft and impact after I had grown to care so much for Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter.

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