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Default Re: The Official Captain America: The First Avenger Review Thread! - Part 1

Finally saw Captain America tonight (Tuesday 7/26):


I thought it was better than Thor, but mostly because I always favor the more "realistic, grounded" superheroes than the "totally fantasy" type superheroes. Thor, being a god, in a world of gods, just isn't my cup of tea, even though I thought Thor was a really well-made movie. Captain America is more relate-able than Thor.

How does it stack up against other Marvel movies (that tie into The Avengers):

-I thought the film's score was the best for any Marvel movie.
-I thought the female lead was the best for any Marvel movie.
-I thought the villain was the best for any Marvel movie (I rank them: Red Skull, then Loki, then Obadiah, Ivan Vanko, the Abomination as my least). Hugo Weaving is an amazing actor. He took a pretty standard I-wanna-take-over-the-world type villain and made him fun to watch in every scene.
-I thought none of the Avengers tie-ins felt forced (like some of them did in Iron Man 2... in Iron Man 2 it felt like product placement, in Captain America it felt natural).

So Captain America, in my opinion, scored big time on four fronts (war terminology pun intended).

Marvel is kicking a$$ with these "Avengers Universe movies"

My rankings:

1. Iron Man
2. Captain America
3. Thor
4. Iron Man 2
5. Incredible Hulk (never found the character interesting, honestly. I find his "jekyll and hyde" dilemma to be a bit boring)

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