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Default Re: What should come next? Transformers 4 or a reboot?

Originally Posted by Darthkush View Post
But EVERYTHING else needs to change. For starters, the one thing the cartoons, comics, and animated movies have all over these films is...they're about Transformers. These movies are not. They're about people reacting to Transformers and it simply doesn't work.

The biggest problem with these films is that the Transformers are not just "robots" they are an alien race and should be treated as such.
I understand. But it's too difficult to focus on them most of the time. They're either too big to just be walking around talking or they're in vehicle-mode.

They're basically the "costumed" heros of the movies. Spider-Man movies don't focus on him all the time, they focus on Peter Parker.. regular life stuff until he has to don the suit for an action sequence. The TFs are just that-- a new type of superheros. Sam was the Peter Parker.

The only way I can see a truly relatable TF character/focus is if he were a Pretender-- a TF that turned into a human being instead of a vehicle. It'd be fresh and a good way to connect human characters with the main TF characters.

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