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Default Re: Do you wish Katie was in TDK, or do you wish Maggie was in BB?

I find this very hard to judge. I have an extreme dislike for the character in general. In Begins she came across as snotty, and in Dark Knight she seemed... this is me lost for words....

I like Maggie as an actress but... in The Dark Knight there were some scenes where I would gladly snap her neck and tell Bruce to just get over it and have fun with the supermodels. 'HaRvEy... HaRvEy!' STFU. And that scene where Dent has a gun pulled on him and after it she's all, Let's take the day off and f*** like Easter Bunnies. No! You should not. Stop rolling your f***ing eyes and overacting or I swear I will make a fan edit with you not in it.

That said, there were some scenes I liked her in. When she hands Alfred the letter--'It's not sealed' or whatever--and the bit where she explodes were a treat. I can't honestly say. I think she was written differently in TDK. Being different can have something to do with the actress, but not all of it.

Maybe I'm manstrating.... I feel genuine anger at this subject, and that really isn't like me at all. Plus, I'm straight and have a love for women that is only matched by my desire for Cherry Coke. I think that Maggie would be best. I'd like to have seen what Maggie would have done in Begins because I think the petulance was more on the part of how Katie delivered the lines. Overall I prefer Maggie, but seeing as I believe the character was written differently in each film, it's very hard to judge.

My vote goes for Maggie, even though I've just ranted about her.

Herbal tea time. Or even better, a Cherry Coke.


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