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Default Re: Do you wish Katie was in TDK, or do you wish Maggie was in BB?

Originally Posted by diggerad View Post
If the script says.."well, hello, beautiful" you expect the person to be beautiful.
Although to be fair, as Ive read somewhere recently: When someone like Joker thinks youre beautiful then you really have something to worry about

Originally Posted by Cats View Post
For that aspect I guess I wished it could've been Katie in TDK, or even Michelle Monaghan. I've always thought that she looks like Katie, and she isn't too bad of an actress too.
That actress is a great idea, she looks like Katie - shes pretty but not Bimbo/supermodel pretty, just cute and young looking. That would be perfect choice for recasting. Instead we got this

Someone that looks like Begins Rachel's angry stepmother


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