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Default Re: Joss Whedon leading on "Avengers" short list of directors - Part 1

Originally Posted by redhawk23 View Post
FlickChick months later response, but unless I'm mistaken Buffy was on WB, it was their Flagship show for a while there, and then it moved to UPN which was Paramount.
Yes, those were the networks they were on, but Buffy and all of his other shows were 20th Century Fox productions.

Originally Posted by Sawyer View Post
I want this to be for Joss what Mission Impossible 3 was for JJ Abrams. My love for the both of them and the work they've done is equal, but I feel like where JJ has found further success on television and has elevated himself to the point where he's making films, Joss has been floundering. I want The Avengers to be a stepping stone for Joss, so he can tell the stories he wants to tell and actually get a little respect for once.
This is what I'm hoping for. As fan of Alias back in the day, I was a devoted Abrams fan before I was even familiar with Whedon. I love them both, but ever since I discovered Whedon's work, I've always felt that Whedon was the more original/imaginative of the two, while Abrams was the more mainstream of the two, so it's not remotely surprising to me that Abrams found success first, even if Joss may have paved the way for him in some respects. But I really hope it's finally Joss's time to shine.


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