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Default Re: The Official Captain America: The First Avenger Review Thread! - Part 1

OK so I just saw it. It opened today in my country. Saw it twice today actually.

Really, really, nice movie with a lot of heart!

- Very good to excellent acting all round.
- Characterisations were spot on, especially STEVE ROGERS / CAPTAIN AMERICA.
- Really nice cinematography.
- Solid, entertaining action.
- A really good character driven story focused on the hero.
- Excellent humour.
- VFX, make-up (Red Skull looks so good), and production values on the whole were excellent.
- Brilliant ties to the rest of the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE, and some lovely Easter eggs and homages (LOVED the Raiders of the Lost Ark reference).
- Ok I'll admit it. I LOVED the song: The star-spangled man!!!

- The ending was too abrupt for me. There was no finding CAP's body, realising he was alive, etc. I guess I was sort of expecting those things so it might be a expectation issue rather than a real criticism.
- The action could have been a bit more spectacular, especially CAP's fight choreography. He was portrayed more as an effective fighter rather than a spectacular one. Again this is more of a personal expectation and preference rather than a true criticism.
- The pacing is a bit too fast.

It's really an old-school styled movie. If that style doesn't appeal to you then you will not like it. Having grown up on the Indiana Jone movies it was great for me.

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