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Default Re: Title of the Cap 2.

Originally Posted by JerseyJoker View Post
Your crazy to think they just added it to get word out for Avengers and not let other countries have a out clause for the title of the movie.

If they needed to add "Avenger" to the title of Cap movie to get the hype started for The Avengers, then they should just fire their marketing department right now.

It was there for one reason and one reason only, so in countries that hate America, didn't have to put America in its title.
Okay, go ahead and keep your xenophobic paranoid fantasies, then.

The truth is that "The First Avenger" was added to the title way back in May 2008, and had *everything* to do with the Avengers film project. News that Russia and two other countries didn't want to use the Captain America title only came out last month, in June 2011.

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