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I'd love Hulkbuster Armor in Avengers. It would make a lot of sense to me, especially if Fury referred to it as something he had commissioned Stark to work on already. Sort of the 'unspoken plan' when it comes to Hulk. If the dialogue reflects what we already know from aftercredits scenes, that Tony already knows about the Hulk, it could be cool. And it'd be a great kewl moment for Hulk to show he's stronger than any peice of tech.

BUT, if it's not there, it's no biggie. -shrug-

For Iron Man 3, I think the IM2 formula is best: one specialty armor, one new armor. The specialty armor is great for an early action sequence. The Stealth Armor, I think would be the coolest, as far as an action sequence, cuz lets face it: there's a reason the underwater level always sucks.

What would be cool for his new armor, inspired by the Extremis would be there are several armors he's working on, something with nanomachines (extremis) some bulk armor with big rockets (Hulkbuster), some deep sea diving armor, and then at the end, in order to deal with mandarin, he just combines it all together into one epic Mark X suit, flies up into space and takes out the Mandarin's sattelite, who knows, maybe it's called Fing Fang Foom?

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