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Default Re: Joss Whedon leading on "Avengers" short list of directors - Part 1

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
He directed episodes of all of his shows outside of Buffy, and movie-wise, he directed an ensemble space adventure movie called Serenity (based on his show Firefly). It had a smaller budget than most major Hollywood romantic-comedies, but I think he made the most of it. It had plenty of action, and the cinematography and camerawork was lovely, too. There's a particularly nice long tracking shot after the title sequence that I hope we get something akin to in Avengers. Since his budget for Avengers will be at least 4x Serenity's budget (but probably more like 5x it's budget), I think it will look great.

Serenity's available on Netflix instant if you want to watch it.
Yeah Serenity really looked like a big budget movie, but wasn't. The tracking shot is amazing, 4-5 minutes that (re)introduces each character perfectly. I think you learned more about each member of the cast more than you learned about Cyclops in the 3 X-Men movies. I think Joss was a great choice because you know all the characters will get their moments in the spotlight.

Until Spidey and MJ are back together again, Make Mine DC, 'nuff said.
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