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Default Re: The Official Captain America: The First Avenger Review Thread! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Shadowlord X View Post

Do you have any idea how truly SICKENING you nolan-worshippers are?

Dude, if you all don't like real comicbook superhero movies, STOP WATCHING THEM!!!

Stick to watching watching nolan's crime drama's.

You guys really give the fans of this genre a bad name. It becoming truly unpleasant knowing that you cannot come on a site dedicated to this film genre and enjoy these film with other fans without some sickening n-w blurting out the sort of irreverent tripe you just did.

Honestly if there was a special showing of tdk somewhere and thousands of your ilk were in attendance when the building (and all inside) burned to the ground, I'd really JUMP FOR JOY!

For many people this movie was far superior to nolan's boring plot contrived tripe. I've seen it 3 times already, and have never been able to watch tdk a second time.

You guys just stick to the batman forums. It's kind of the arkham asylum for you were you all can repeatedly reiterate your crap to each other and not get on other fans nerves. But just like batman villains you all repeatedly escape to wreck annoyance.
Although TDK-theatre-burning-to-the-ground was a bit extreme, I thought your overall comment was very funny and exactly what I've been thinking. The Nolan-worshippers are getting incredibly tiresome. Yeah, they were great movies (although I never thought BB was even that great to begin with, no pun intended). But they're not at some unreachable plateau. I love the whole superhero movie genre, and it really irks me whenever these guys compare EVERY SINGLE new movie to TDK. Apples and oranges...sometimes I just want a fun comic book movie.

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