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Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
But I'm a big Storm fan and always have been. I would rather have her than Wolverine come for me in a jam any day of the week.
I much prefer the idea of Storm covered in jam as well.

On that kind of completely shallow note, I have always found HB's Storm the most attractive onscreen superhero, and I also think that Storm as drawn by John Byrne is by far the most attractive superhero in comicbooks ever.

I was just re-reading some of my X-Men comics today, the first American edition of an Uncanny X-Men comic I ever bought was the 1st part of the Arcade story, and it has the very sexy scene of Storm coming out of the shower in her bathrobe.
Now, I recall an article on comicbookresources that showed how John Byrne had actually drawn her in the nude for that scene, ie you could see right though the top half of the bathrobe, and it showed this panel on the article, but I don't know where this was reprinted, this does not show up in the Essential collection, and it is not noticable in the original comic book.
So, if someone could point out where that nude-y version was printed I would be obliged. For achival purposes.

I have always liked her a lot, very grand, takes no bs from anyone, and is one of the few deadly serious characters in cb's who could change to a mohican punk haircut and get away with it, as you know she means it, it's not just some fashion thing, she is a punk and takes no sh** from anyone, Prof X, Magneto, Wolverine, all those big bossy boots guys who needed a slap every now and again.

Even though you didn't get all the faceats of her character on display, I still liked the character in the films. People rag on HB's performance, but the character has to be there in the writing, and because it is an ensemble, you are not always going to get as much of the character represented onscreen as you would like to see. Like, it may not serve the story to suddenly have Storm chewing out Wolverine or Prof X, just for the sake of having a full on Storm with attitude scene from the books.
What I liked about the characteriusation in the movies was that she had a lot of empathy, a very caring attitude. they did try to bring some of the attitude into the second and third movies, but again, it being an ensemble, I don't think they had enough time, or appropriate situations in the plot, to do the character justice.

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