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Default Re: The Official Captain America: The First Avenger Review Thread! - Part 1

It's the same with Superman. People don't seem to realize it, but imagine a world without Superman and Batman came first. That wouldn't even be possible I don't think. Superman had to be first. Super Hero comes from Superman. The word hero is taken heavily into account for Superman and Cap. Then comes Batman which is the complete opposite and is fine, but he could have never have come first. Superman maintains the idea of the do gooder. The man we all strive to be do do right and good. Then in the years to come, the idea of a super powered man is there, but he's not a hero through and through. It's a variation of things now. So yes, the real genuine do gooder had to come first.

These characters morals and ideals are as real as anything outside the page and in this world. It's why I love superheroes and call ******** on the whole, "But they're ficitonal" arguement. The people who object to this are just jaded or just snobs while they go on with their hypocritical thinking of worshipping sports stars they've never met and can only dream to be where some of them will wind up in jail. Some role model. It's not about how real it is of becoming the person, it's about their characterisitics.

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If this was directed at me, I don't come here just to bad mouth the movie, I come here to discuss any new and relevant news. The new and relevant news just so happened to be ****.

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