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SHH! Should The Wolverine be in 3D?


Well 3D doesn't really change the story and I'm not really into it. The only films that I watched that had good 3D were Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix and Resident Evil: Afterlife. The 3D of Transformers 3 and Deathly Hallows Part 2 didn't really wow but to be honest, the cinematic experience is better, it looks more real, sometimes its like you're in the scene, the glasses just irritates me.

It would also help the box-office performance of The Wolverine. I think if X-Men: First Class was in 3D theaters, it would have grossed more than $60 million in its U.S. opening weekend just like Thor and Captain America and possibly outgrossed the first X-Men film in America. 3D tickets are like way expensive, its almost double the price of a 2D cinema ticket. Plus it would be cool to finally see a X-Men film in 3D.

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