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Default Would anyone like to see a Howard Stark movie?

Would anyone like to see a Howard Stark movie? He came across as quite heroic in Captain America and seems to have a fascinating back story. It could be set during WWII and could be similar to the movie "The Aviator" but with more fantastical elements and could fill in certain blanks in the story, and could ultimately progress through the decades. It could show the world expo, how he met Maria and how she gave birth to Tony, and how Howard and Maria ultimately die in a plane crash.

It wouldn't have to be a superhero movie as such but could show everyday heroism of a normal man set in the Marvel universe. It wouldn't even take up the spot of a Marvel movie that could otherwise be made, since it isn't going to be a superhero movie. There are hundreds of films made in a year and surely there must be room for something like this?

I remember there was a script once where Tony would face off against his dad, who would turn into War Machine. That would've been a bad idea and wouldn't have allowed him to feature as a hero in Captain America. It's a good thing they didn't go down that route.

What do people think?

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