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Default Re: Captain America vs. The Human Torch - Which Chris Evans Performance Do You Prefer

He was admittedly good in both roles. He completely embodied the personality of Johnny Storm in the FF movies, but that seems to be closer to his personality in real life. I guess he showed more range in Cap but I wouldn't have minded seeing more of his humour than just trying to portray Steve Rogers's earnestness and humility. At least he wasn't constantly hitting on Hayley Atwell in Cap and making lewd comments, which is what Johnny Storm would've been doing the whole time. Had he been Johnny Storm, I think Peggy would've not warmed to him at all for most of the movie, and it would've been the typical cliche of girl giving guy the cold shoulder, but finally giving in to him. As Rogers, Peggy always seemed fairly open to him but maintained a professional relationship too, except for the part where she caught him kissing the other girl and thought he had changed. However, it seemed as if she could still believe him when he said that it wasn't his doing and she realised that he was still as clueless about girls.

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