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Default Re: Batman 1966 appreciation thread

Originally Posted by ALP View Post
Whoa sorry Joker for such a late reply. I disappeared for a bit. I'm about to look for the one I'm think of and a quick search shows me "3 Men and a Comic Book" from season 2 as well as "Radioactive Man" from the 7th season which has them dressing as Batman inspired characters. However I don't think either episode is the one I am thinking of. I'll have to give 'em a look.
Ah that was BARTMAN lol:

And guys, I present to you a MUST READ. Adam West's article on Batman, Nolan, and the 60s.

If this doesn't get your respect, nothing will.
I Adam West. What a great guy. He always says nice things about Burgess, Julie, Frank etc when he's recounting his days on Batman.

His comments on Nolan were very gracious, too.

Originally Posted by Rockman View Post
Here is a set of 1/6 scale TV Batman figures that I did for a collector about a year ago.
They are excellent, except for one thing, you're missing the final quarter of the fearsome foursome: Penguin.

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