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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

Originally Posted by Krimasen View Post
I think the score needs to be epic and sweeping, so I'd suggest Hans Zimmer, John Williams, or Steve Jablonsky.

When you think epic and sweeping Zimmer and Jablonsky(excluding Williams) are the first to come to mind ? Wow. Generic and lackluster is what comes to mind (for me) when you mention those two names. Especially when it comes to this genre. Williams scoring this will only happen in a wet dream.

Marvel Studios needs to stay as far away as possible from Zimmer (shouldn't be too hard since he'll be busy scoring TDKR) and his MV/RC buddies. If not this will sound no different from Bay's Transformers, the Nolan Batman trilogy, and many other MV/RC action scores. The Avengers' score shouldn't sound like any of those scores.

The composer should write something that's appropriate for the Avengers and something that'll break ground. Especially since this is the first time something like this happen in the genre (with superheroes from other films joining forces for the greater good ). This is something that we thought that we would never see before IM. And now it's coming. The score should reflect that. Kind of like how STM hit the big screen and it being the first cbm it set the bar that many follow ( when it comes to this genre) to this day. Even the score set the bar. I hope the Avengers score (as well as the film) will set a bar for many scores of the genre to follow. So whoever gets the gig needs to bring his A-game and deliver something mind blowing and groundbreaking. But I seriously doubt that.

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