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Default Re: (Spoilers) Did Anyone Else Find It Sad...

Originally Posted by LostSon88 View Post
Actually I think all he's doing is pointing out what he feels is the redundancy of the thread.

Because when it comes down to it, this thread is basically asking you:

"Did anyone else find the sad part of the movie...sad?"
We all get the sarcasm of his response to the thread. I find it rude not clever! What the thread is really about is the sharing of a common sorrow amongst fans of the movie and the way it ended. It's not uncommon at a time of real personal tragedy or sorrow for people/family to share their feelings. While this is just a movie/make believe it was still a very moving ending that touched the heart of most who watched it. Credit goes to JJ for directing a great movie. So please don't feed into his lack of feeling for the fans that care :-)

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