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Default Re: Laurence Fishburne IS Perry White in The Man of Steel

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
Ha! Thats the thing I was thinking. Fishburne is too much of a nice guy and calm for Perry.

But I guess the loud mouth and screeching Perry would look slightly unrealistic.
I think he might bring that quiet integrity to the character so when he does explode it will come like a volcano instead of a thunderstorm.

Originally Posted by thatsabadoutfit View Post
And Kal-El will be from Crypton instead of Krypton. It would be hilarious to see WB attempt to work their away around every legal issue with things like that.
Cav-El From Crypton. Son Of Jor-Hell & Lauren. Lands in Smallchester on the Kemps farm. Falls for Luna Lung and eventually Lisa Lame. Works at the Nightly Globe in Cityopolis under Harry Black with photographer Timmy Folsom. His nemesis Len Lather wants to control the city and seeks the help of Sergeant Doz, Heartiac, and Concretallo.


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