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Default Re: (Spoilers) Did Anyone Else Find It Sad...

Originally Posted by Punisher Rising View Post
...near the end when Captain America and Peggy are sharing their last message before the jet crashes and Cap gets frozen? I won't lie, watching that moment tore me up emotionally because I grew to love both of their characters over the movie and thought they were great together, and I thought it was so sad they didn't get a chance to see each other again after that The ending even left me feeling kind of depressed, when Cap awoke in the present day to see things had changed so much and to think he never got to see Peggy after that. It just hit me hard emotionally and I even recall getting more than a little misty-eyed during that entire moment.
you've never red the comic book
from what i recalled peggy is still alive ,she's and old woman but still alive
and cap will go out with her younger sister sharon
even though after senventy years her younger sister might even be too old for cap
maybe she wil be her grand daughter this time or perhaps the'll do an entire new scenario for the movie.

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