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Default Re: Laurence Fishburne IS Perry White in The Man of Steel

Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
I agree. Whats interesting to think about is the lawsuit. Again, I don't know if it effects this movie if at all, it doesn't seem like it. However, the families have the rights to "Gruff Editor" of the Daily Planet, but WB/DC has the rights to the name Perry White. A calm African-American Perry White?
Basically who the families have the rights to is George Taylor, Editor of the Metropolis Daily Star.

Originally Posted by batman44 View Post
Do guys think we'll get other Planet staffers like Steve Lombard, Cat Grant, and Ron Troupe.
All of them, I hope. They all serve a good purpose, even though they'll be small parts.

Originally Posted by ElDuderino View Post
I couldn't disagree more. If they make this a carbon copy comic book movie, it will fail miserably. It's gotta to be fresh and new, but still come off familiar. No cheesy cigar smoking grouchy editors. No bow-tie wearing photographers. The movie needs to be full of realistic characters portrayed by top flight actors.
They can be themselves and still be realistic.

Originally Posted by JP View Post
Not sure if I dig this. I've been into every casting thus far.

Langella was inspired, and I don't get that same feeling here. We'll see.
His casting was inspired but his performance was not.

I think Fishburne will be fine.

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