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Default Re: The Avengers: News and Speculation - Part 27A sub-se - - - Part 12

Some details, concerning the presence of Marvel's The Avengers at D23 Expo from Disney's representative:

On what to expect from Marvel Studios

On Saturday (August 20) with the Walt Disney Studios segment, Kevin Feige from Marvel Studios is going to be a part of this panel. According to Feige: "Marvel is going to blow some major doors off".
On why Marvel Studios decided to move their promotion to D23 rather than to SDCC'11

This year, there were a few companies, that bowed out from Comic-Con. And some people thought, because Marvel did not plan a panel for that big huge room (Hall H), that it was part of, y'know, all the bowing out & they're saving all their neat stuff for the Expo & that's only kind of true.

Really, what came down to it was this one particular thought from the company: "How in the world could we ever top ourselves last year, since we're filming the Avengers movie right now?!" So, we (Marvel & Disney guys) couldn't recreate that, because everybody is obligated in different areas of filming, y'know.

We're afraid, that people might be disappointed, because the last year was huge. So, what they're doing now is focusing all of that energy into that Saturday D23 Expo segment
On the possibility of some of the cast members appearing at the Expo

No one knows, who'll be there, yet.
On what else's Marvel has for D23

Another really big Marvel piece is on Sunday (August 21), when Marvel is having the arena completely for themselves. So, that's Joe Quesada's panel. His panel at this year's Comic-Con, the things, that he brought in, had people on their feet. There was a special guest appearance by Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) who introduced his new clip from Thor's DVD. Now, hopefully we will be having these kind of cool things at our expo.

Marvel knows, that they have to impress the new Disney fans, who they haven't won over yet.

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