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Default MOS Trilogy: Villains? Plots? Supporting Cast?

Man of Steel is on it's way, we know a bit about it, origin story, Zod, military, Kents. Good times

How would you round out a sequel, or would you take it further than that? There are some copyright concerns, I know, but if they can push it back to 2013, then I suspect they have a deal.

Anyway, my thoughts:

The Last Son of Krypton


Lex Luthor as main villain, battles superman from a very public position and puts him in very difficult moral circumstances. Throughout the film Parasite, a LexCorp creation, originally a cure for cancer, made with Kryptonian DNA, runs amok. Meanwhile, the Metallo project is used to control it, and show how Superman is not an effective hero.

Supporting Cast:

Add in The Daily Planet guys, John Henry Irons and Emil Hamilton as LexCorp employees who are instrumental and make fateful decisions.

Lex Luthor runs LexCorp, and basically is a social rival for Superman that becomes an ideological rival. He feels Superman makes the people weak and unable to rely on themselves, and so most of his desire to defame and kill Superman has to do with what he believes is self-preservation, for the betterment of society. Of course, if Superman wasn't stopping his illegal stuff, it wouldn't be so personal. And, then, if Lex Luthor was so entwined in Lois Lane's life it wouldn't be so personal either.

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