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Default Re: Thor's box office competition - Part 2

Originally Posted by ThorThunderGod View Post
It's never too late. I will wait for your congrats to this board when Thor crosses the $450M mark worldwide. Hehe, well, at least I hope it reaches that nice round number. Come on Japan and America!
Oooops...spoke too soon. I'm afraid Thor will not reach $450M. I am almost 100% sure. It's no longer showing in Japan, and it reached only $5.7M there (Green Hornet had a higher gross with $6.8M). With Thor just grossing $30K a day in the US nowadays, it's making it's crawl to it's eventual end in about a month's time. It will probably end with $181M domestic, and it will probably end with just over $448M. Still nice. It would have been awesome to reach that nice round number 450. But some of you guys were just hoping for $350M worldwide a few months back, so I suppose if you consider that, Thor over-performed with $448M. At any rate, Thor will get a sequel, and we have Avengers to look forward to next year.

Thor movie 2010, Avengers (with Thor in it) 2011, and Thor2 for 2012. Thor in theaters 2010,2011,2012. Yay. Three years of mainstream exposure for the thundergod.

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