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Default Re: A New Director After Nolan?

Originally Posted by ALP View Post
But there's absolutely no way Man-Bat or Clayface could ever be adapted to be grounded. Making Clayface a master of disguise just wouldn't be clayface. Clayface's most important trait is the fact that he is well, made of clay. And his existence is about being angry over what happened to him. A pretty boy into a monster. Of course he could just be a handsome man who is scarred but without his powers(the most important and well known part of the character) it just wouldn't work right. But as far as Joker, besides the white skin and some Joker toys everything else is there.
What you're missing here is the fact that original Clayface, as written by Kane and Finger was exactly that, a murdering psychotic actor who was a master of disguise. Nothing whatsoever Sci-Fi about him.The amorphous shape-shifting Clayface is a relatively recent invention. Nolan could very well have adapted that original version of Clayface to his realistic Batman, and still be faithful to the comics.

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