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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
No it wasn't, it was energy from the Cosmic Cube.

Vibranium is a metal.

Vibranium is an element in the Marvel Universe. According to Cap, it's very light and indestructible. If it was already known to man, don't you think Iron Man would've used it as the basis for the armor on his MarkIII-Vi suits???

Like I said earlier, Nick told Tony you havent tried them all. He knew of another element already in existence.

I think what some people are confusing is they arent looking at the Arc Reactor as a whole. The technology the ArcReactor is based on did come from Howards research on the Cube. thsi is definitely not being disputed. The Cosmic Cube is indeed the basis of teh Arc Reactor.

The CORE of the reactor is just a small part of the ArcReactor. The core is just a special piece of metal. Vibranium.

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