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Default Re: The Action Scenes

Originally Posted by Marvel View Post
Well, I flat out disagree. I loved the action scenes as is and can't think of anything I'd change. It was wild and "super soldier" enough without crossing over to the land of cartoonish, over-the-top action. Right in line with Raiders of the Lost Ark or any old school film. Yet, the CG worked wonders and gives the film an edge they never had old school.

Cap delivers better action than either Nolan Batfilms or Iron Man. The adventure and thrills are what makes Cap one of the if not THE best film of the entire summer.

I totally agree. Captain America had more action than most superhero movies, and all of the scenes were well staged and positioned within the film. The action showcased Cap's abilities perfectly. The entire movie was a joy to watch because it really did hark back to the old fashioned action of Raiders and movie serials, without succumbing to the cheese factor. As I was watching it I could see that there are many more of Cap's World War II adventures to be told, in which we'll get to see more of the Howlers and of Cap's heroism.

The writers and Johnston pulled off something I thought would be impossible: They created a superhero/war movie that works on every level. I certainly hope that the entire creative team returns for the sequel. They innately understand both Cap and his World War II setting and would be the perfect choice for continuing the saga.

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