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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
You're still going from A to B to F here. Just because Vibranium is a metal doesn't mean that Vibranium is what Stark created to replace the Palladium.

The biggest thing to remember here is that Vibranium already existed before Stark was even born. So how can he create an element, that already exists? They said he created a new element. Not that he developed a way to artificially create an old one.

It's more likely to be one of the thousands of other kooky types of metal in the MU. Like Anti-Metal or something. I'm not gonna go ahead and say that's what it is because WE DON'T KNOW.

My point is that Stark did NOT create a new element that never existed. He created a new element uknown to the masses. Nick Fury clearly new the existance of this new element. I just think if Vibranium was already known to the world it would've been used and weaponized.

But in the end, you're right about us just not knowing. I'm confident I know, but really who does??

It's fun to talk about this stuff, anyway...

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