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Default Re: Is Today's Society too Cynical for a movie like Cap?

I think many people are pre-judging the movie.

Based upon the name CAPTAIN AMERICA they think this might be a hyper pro-american movie and/or they think that it might be very cheesy.

A female colleague at work was for some reason put-off by it and really fought against seeing it. After seeing it she completely changed her tune and really liked the movie.

Among people who are comicbook aware but not really comicbook lovers there is a perception that CAP is lame and the only thing he has is a shield which is also lame.

These are things that might be holding back its success a bit. The good thing is that the movie is very good with tremendous rewatchability and cross-demographic appeal. Thus what will happen is that alot of people that shunned it in cinema will end up watching it on dvd, netflix, etc., etc., and come to love the movie.

Thus it's audience and fanbase will explode.

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