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Default Re: Is Today's Society too Cynical for a movie like Cap?

Cap will do fine overseas, and the marketing was clever enough to realise that patriotism is a turn off so it didn't push it. It was in the background, not in the foreground, which was the right way to play it. The film won't make huge money, but that's lack of familiarity and genre fatigue.

As far as the bigger question goes, the US is a nation in terminal decline. In a couple of decades China will overtake it as the top superpower both economically and militarily. As a major empire, the US has had the fastest rise and fall in history. People simply won't buy a movie about how great America is these days if that's all its selling. It just isn't a tenable theme. It'd be like Britain making a movie about how powerful it is just after the Yalta Conference.

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